Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Permian Basin Mentioned in Goldman Sachs Report

Goldman Sachs (GS) issued a report on the oil and gas sector on Monday and included comment on M&A acquisition potential. Interestingly, they stated that although Apache Resources’ plate is full following the asset acquisition from Devon Energy and the corporate acquisition of Mariner Energy, they “see additional potential for Apache to expand its onshore position, particularly in the Permian Basin.”

This is an interesting comment as it demonstrates how important the Permian Basin and Wolfberry play are. For a company to have made two large acquisitions and state that their “plate is full,” it says a lot that GS sees potential for additional acquisitions in the Permian Basin. Lynden Energy Corp.’s (LVL) land is positioned in the heart of the Wolfberry play in the Permian Basin and can capitalize on this attention.

Mentions of the Wolfberry Play in the Deal Magazine

The Deal magazine has published recent articles mentioning the Wolfberry oil play in the Permian Basin. The article, “Gettin’ oily” says “a flurry of deals have targeted the Wolfberry oil trend in the Permian Basin.” It noted the deals by Linn Energy, Berry Petroleum and Concho Resources and the high prices paid for Wolfberry acreage.

The article, “Representing a very hot sector”, says that the state of oil and gas deal making is “very hot” and there have been a tremendous number of deals already. They see M&A transactions in the oil sector to continue.

All of this attention on deal making in the Wolfberry play and Permian Basin continues to bring attention to Lynden Energy Corp. (LVL). With the success of LVL’s Wolfberry wells, we should continue to see stock price appreciation, especially if the company gets the attention of bigger players. This is an extremely tightly held stock and large gains can happen very fast.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Insider Purchase

Richard Andrews, the Chairman of the Board for Lynden Energy Corp. (LVL), has made another insider purchase in the market. He purchased 35,000 shares at $0.71.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Apache and Mariner Energy Enter Deal Worth $2.7 Billion

Apache Resources announced that they are acquiring Mariner Energy in a deal valued at $2.7 billion. Mariner is one of the companies that is currently developing the Wolfberry play in West Texas. Mariner has a substantial land position in the Permian basin including Wolfberry acreage. M&A activity in the Permian Basin continues to occur with large valuations given to Wolfberry potential.

All of the recent Wolfberry activity continues to bring attention to the area and the companies developing those zones. Lynden Energy Corp. (LVL) is one of those companies that is positioning themselves very well in the Wolfberry play.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Huge Opportunity to Capitalize on the Hottest U.S. Oil Play!

This is a huge opportunity to take advantage of the Wolfberry Oil Play. With Lynden Energy Corp.’s (LVL) small market cap and big opportunity to exploit the Wolfberry play, this company could really take off once their story becomes known. Even though LVL has a limited land position in the Wolfberry at this time, it’s still a significantly undervalued company in our opinion. With the experience of their operator, CrownQuest, they have the expertise to complete the Wolfberry wells at minimal risk as has been demonstrated by the success from their first three wells.

The appreciation in LVL’s stock price should continue as more and more people learn about the Wolfberry and LVL’s potential.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lynden has a Truly Unique Opportunity to Capitalize on the Wolfberry Oil Play

Based upon the net interests shown in Lynden Energy Corp.’s (LVL) Annual Report, LVL has between 3,700 and 3,850 net acres. At 80 acres spacing, LVL could have around 47 net wells in the Wolfberry play from their current inventory of land. If the spacing is decreased, LVL could have even more wells.

LVL has seized a unique opportunity to exploit the Wolfberry oil play. They are a small company with a land position in the hottest oil play in the U.S. and can attract serious market attention in a hurry!