Thursday, February 4, 2010

Harrell Well is Indeed an Excellent Wolfberry Well!

The Wolfberry is still a relatively new play and there is not much information out there. Companies are paying a lot more attention to the play and are actively acquiring Wolfberry assets. Following is what other companies are saying about Wolfberry wells and what typical Initial Production rates are.

Devon Energy says that they have growth opportunities in the Wolfberry oil play in West Texas. “The Wolfberry is a repeatable play that generates outstanding rates of return with low geologic risk.”

An article from the AAPG Explorer magazine states that operators are chasing production from the Wolfcamp and Spraberry formations (Wolfberry). They state that “initial production ranges from 35 to 125 barrels per day.

A Concho Resources Inc. presentation shows their typical Wolfberry production curve and they expect initial production from their Wolfberry wells to be 90 bo/d and 230 mcf/d.

Public information that is available clearly demonstrates that Lynden Energy Corp.’s (LVL) Harrell well is a superior well. The Harrell well is averaging 138 bo/d and 277 mcf/d over fourteen days! LVL’s future is looking brighter given their success with their first well in the Wolfberry play.

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