Monday, June 6, 2011

Lynden Energy releases encouraging results fom Mitchell Ranch Spade 17 #1 well

Lynden Energy Corp. today announced "significant results from an uphole Wolfcamp completion in the Spade 17 #1 well on the Mitchell Ranch Project." In the last eight days since oil production began, the well has averaged 84 barrels of oil from only the upper zone interval. This is SIGNIFICANT news in that the Mitchell Ranch is largely an unproven area and 84 barrels far exceeds expectations. Should these results be confirmed by additional wells, Lynden's 50% share of the over 100,000 acre Mitchell Ranch could be worth several hundred million dollars (i.e. 50,000 acres x $10,000/acre = $500 million!)

"Management is extremely encouraged by the intial production volumes from this recent completion." The well is still unloading frac water and further improvement in IP rates could still occur.

Currently, at a stock price of $0.48/share, it appears that the only value recognized by the market is a portion of Lynden's Wolfberry assets. We believe that the Wolfberry assets alone are worth over $1.00/share. Once value for the Mitchell Ranch is realized, Lynden's stock price could be (and should be) several times what it is currently trading at!

This news is the type of news that won't go unnoticed, even for a company as unknown as Lynden. We expect Lynden to start attracting much more market attention with this news. Lynden presented at the recent Permian Basin Field Trip held by Canaccord Genuity further demonstrating that people are starting to pay attention to this company.

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