Thursday, December 6, 2012

Devon permits three wells on the northern border of Mitchell Ranch

The Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin stated that "Devon Energy is now licensing a well very near the northern border of Mitchell Ranch."  They have in fact permitted THREE wells about one mile north of Lynden Energy's portion of Mitchell Ranch and two more in close proximity.  We have shown the five Devon wells and two Firewheel wells on a map in relation to Mitchell Ranch.

Does Devon have the Mitchell Ranch in their sights or is it a mere coincidence that the wells are that close?  Either way, the wells are a good sign and the results will go a long way toward showing the producte capability of the area without further expenditures by Lynden.

Mitchell Ranch is indeed in the hotbed of permitting activity in the newly discovered Cline Shale!  Very exciting for Lynden!!! 

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