Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pioneer's success could bode well for Lynden Energy

Pioneer has experienced a recent runup in their stock price likely due to their horizontal success in the Permian.  Pioneer's Mabee K #1H and DL Hutt C #1H wells are both very close to Lynden's West Martin acreage.  This should help attract interest in Lynden's land.

Babybulls has issued a post about Lynden.  The article is very bullish.  We will post a link to this soon.

A 2.5 million share block traded today.  It is possibly another purchase by JVL.  JVL is a well known  energy investor and obviously through his due diligence, he sees a lot of value in Lynden.  If this is indeed another purchase by JVL, then they are approaching a 25% ownership stake.

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